Each Individual, an Integral Part of the Community
Sunrise Bridge's services are founded on the idea of human individuality. Our goal is to provide a comfortable community where each member can live in peace and happiness with the freedom to be who they are.
Sunrise Bridge's Values
We are committed to honor each client by providing these services dutifully.
Sunrise Bridge takes pride in its values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Integriy, and Professionalism.
High Quality Staff and Facilities
Our acquisition of only the finest facilities takes us one step closer to becoming the premier foster care provider in Oregon.
Recruitment and retention of High Quality Staff and Administration is our top Priority.
What you can expect from Sunrise Bridge
Choice of Roommate
Here is a list of some core features that every member of our community is entitled to.
Lockable Bedroom/Unit Doors
Easy Access to Food
Free to Decorate and Furnish their living space
Visits from family and friends
Control Schedule and Activities
And much more...
Sunrise Bridge, Corp Provides holistic compassionate care to our clients, staff and community in order to rejuvenate stability, peace, and joy in the lives of all we touch.
Sunrise Bridge Corp seeks to be recognized by clients, staff, partners and stakeholder as the premier foster care provider in Oregon. We plan to do this in the following ways: Acquisition of high quality facilities, Recruiting and Retention of High Quality Staff, Robust Internal Professional Development Program for our Staff and Administration, and the Cultivation and maintenance of strong relationships with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.
SunriseBridge prides itself on our values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Professionalism.